Manel Margalef
Extract from the exhibition room sheet
February of 2012

CAT   |   ES

Guests by Alexandre Ayxendri shows a work composed of eleven pictures in black and white obtained from frames, screenshots… images hosted on the Internet, synthesis all of them from a preselection of hundreds published on the network, related to terror films of vampiric genre. A work that subverts the traditional uses of photography with his new vision of a classic familiar genre, which do not stop to recover and introduce a lot of matters masterfully worked by Hitchcock, as the recognition and the replay, the time and the memory, the complicity and the duplicity, the authorship and the authenticity, the darkness and the light.

In Guests a feature which is punctually detached of its point of view is its acute sensibility to the associative power, either real or potential, regarding to the characters and suggests their fascination for this type of languages with all their potential meanings, ambiguity, darkness, and multiples, but from my point of view, it is not simply an appropriation work. Far beyond an affiliation act instead of a simple case of abduction, the original work will remain an artwork with its essence and its character. Even though it is true that the author suggests hints about different authorships (intentional provocation), his intention is to suggest this double entendre when the audience, in front of his work, will react, think and consider through these other authors and, a lot less, or nothing, about himself… or, in other words, it will be necessary to pass by this external analysis to reach to find out the possible meanings of the work.