Alexandre Ayxendri

Extract of the project memory


CAT   |   ES

Photography is the voice which tells my daily histories and evokes a changing world, marked by the importance in revealing the attraction for the passing of time, by traces that have been tracing the direction of an own vital path. I find the knowledge of what is ancient or forgotten, sheltering in these photographies, preserving a privacy linked to the past, which are a reminder of what it was and are connected with the physical world where I live.

Album is a transition trip nourished by emotions and discoveries, where the mysteries of decaying everyday nature revive, formed by ambiguous findings that flow hidden and elusive. An atmosphere, a territory of dreams, which offers ideas of memory and meets the living past. Album is a mirror maze to look and discover.


Album was awarded in 2016 by the Education Department of Generalitat de Catalunya in the III Art and Design Conference for the quality, the concept and the ability to apply and integrate the artistic and technological knowledge in the definition and development of its design, also received in 2015 the Orange Award for the best project of Artistic Photography by the Art and Design School of Tarragona and selected in Full Contact 2014 and SCAN photobook 2012 at the International Photography Festival SCAN.